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About Precision Shims

Precision Shims has been manufacturing Inlet Shims, Exhaust Valve Shims, and Spacer Shims since the year 2000. Since then, it has grown to include a comprehensive range of shims to suit nearly all of the vehicles travelling our roads whether they are motorbikes, cars, trucks, or the odd scooter, present day models or even something from the year 1909.


At Precision Shims we pride ourselves on having most shim sizes in stock at all times, and we are also able to make odd sized shims, and one off shims, at an affordable price. This has led to less waiting time for delivery of shims to customers. Most times the shims can be gotten to the customer overnight and he or she can continue with their project next morning.


If in the event that we don't have the particular Inlet Shims, Exhaust Shims, Valve Shims, Spacer Shims that you need in stock or it's a one-off special part, the turn around time is usually one to two weeks.


Over the years, Precision Shims have built up a reputation for quality control and service to countries such as the UK, USA, and Ireland. Our Inlet Shims, Exhaust Shims, Valve Shims, and Spacer Shims have been used in motors in the UK for businesses such as hole shot racing, by the holders of numerous land speed records for the UK, and are regularly used in drag racing and racing vehicles of all descriptions.


Contact Precision Shims for any further information about Inlet Shims, Exhaust Shims, Valve Shims, Spacer Shims, or any other Shim product!