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Our bushing shims are made out of 304 stainless steel, except for the ones made from thickness's other than shown in the thickness tab below.


bushing shims different from the stainless thickness shown below are made out of tool steel.


The tolerances on the stainless steel bushing shims is half a millimetre and is set to go in half millimetre steps ie. if you want say a 10.00mm inside diameter, it will be between 10.00mm and 10.50mm id.


So when ordering sizes, go in half millimetre steps ie 10.00mm, 10.50mm, 11.00mm and so on.


It is the same principle for the outside dimensions as well.


the shaft diameter would be handy to know as well, hence the tab to tell me, what shaft diameter it is going over if any.


the recess diameter is where the bushing shim goes down inside a recess or other fitting, hence i need to know what outside diameter will still fit into the recess and work for you, if needed.


For bushing shims other than the 304 stainless made in the thickness range shown in the thickness tab below.

precision shims can make bushing shims out of tool steel, hardened or non hardened as required, from thicknesses 1.50mm and greater, tolerances are +/- 0.01mm

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